If software is hard to work with, how truly useful is it?

We fix broken workflows and help you with this
  • Dispose of the infinite copy/paste between spreadsheets and applications
  • Facilitate comparisons of new experiments against older – or historic – data
  • Eliminate exporting to perform analytics and then re-uploading for storage
  • Allow you to perform new analyses on original raw data
  • Establish efficient data flows across the domains

Some of our customers…

A straightforward path to insights

We made it our mission to understand what you do

We think software must be user-friendly and intuitive to become successful. So we made it our mission to exactly understand the work that you do. We have done this continually through 15 years of anthropological observations in labs focused on pre-clinical drug discovery.

Software enabling workflows to be reduced from days to minutes

In other words, we have been observing domain experts for years, and subsequently designed the ideal software to support them. Our insights from all these observations, ultimately resulted in experiment centric software, enabling workflows to be reduced from days to minutes – all while being user-friendly, intuitive, and supporting what you’re already doing.

We call it scientific software for humans

Scientific software for humans – made by humans. And Marvin. In other words: We hate software that’s overly complex because no one bothered to actually understand the domain they’re in. So if you’re tired of broken workflows in your software and headaches from endless import – export, we might be your new best friend.

Software for pre-clinical drug discovery

Using our combined 60+ years of experience of managing data, compounds, and test animals at large pharma companies, we made the grit42 platform for data management in pre-clinical drug discovery. From basic idea, to in vitro and in vivo experiments – while monitoring your compounds, data, and results – our platform keeps track of everything. This enables you to focus on the results, visualizations, and ultimately – the insights.

We see a great potential in applying state-of-the-art data management and data integration to leverage our R&D activities and improve our decision making. To strengthen these capabilities, we selected grit42 as our strategic software partner after a thorough evaluation against various competing solutions and we are excited about the impact that this collaboration can offer.

Thorsten Thormann, Vice President of Research at LEO Pharma