Straight from Magrathea: Our brand new Logistics app

Today, we’ve released our Logistics app, which works seamlessly together with our platform and other applications. The features of the Logistics app include stock room management, order handling, links to equipment like liquid handlers and plate readers, as well as plate- registration and management using barcodes.

Director of Development / Slartibartfast at grit42, Erik Lottrup Thomsen, states, “While this app is brand new, the basic ideas behind it go back almost 20 years, to grit42’s founding team working together at one of the leading danish pharma companies. There, we developed, installed, and ran several iterations of sample and logistics applications. Now, we’ve used our extensive experience to develop this new app, which is the perfect companion to our platform, enabling our users to track and link virtually anything.“

CEO / Zaphod Beeblebrox of grit42, Claus Stie Kallesøe, continues, “As we’re very focused on our customers’ needs in the development process, we have received valuable feedback from our users at LEO Pharma. Last week we announced that DK-OPENSCREEN is a customer and I’m happy to share that the Logistics app is already under consideration by multiple other organisations.

A unique feature of the platform and the Logistics app in combination, is that all the data is linked across the different disciplines and experiment types. For example, when a user selects a specific compound to be tested in vitro, grit42’s platform tracks the actual compound from the physical location in the stock room, via the plate to the plate reader. The data is then linked directly to the relevant compound and batch, based on the knowledge of the logistics.

The tracking continues through the different discovery phases and when running in vivo experiments – or analyses from blood samples – all the data from the lab is linked back to the compounds. In addition, if grit42’s Animal Handling app is implemented as well, the data will be linked to any animals used.

In essence, grit42’s platform and Logistics app deliver an intelligent foundation for securing quality data during all the phases of the drug discovery process. Apart from optimising the workflows, these concepts of grit42’s platform delivers a perfect starting point for advanced analyses, like bioinformatics or machine learning.

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PS: Magrathea… in case you can’t remember the life, the universe, and everything from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, please click here. Oh, plus Slartibartfast and Zaphod Beeblebrox of course!