Animal Handling App

The grit42 platform also offers an Animal Handling App. It not only ensures that all the relevant data about the animals are stored in the same database but also enables an order flow from scientist to animal facility and subsequent return of relevant animal information to the scientist. The grit42 platform also support the scientists in performing the required scoring of the animals after use.

Finally the Animal app supports the veterinarians in their work around maintaining and enforcing the licenses received from the authorities and automatically creating the yearly animal use reporting according to the EU rules which can be a very tedious process if handled manually.

Why an Animal Handling App?

Animals are a crucial part of any in vivo experiment. All the information about the animals is also data that needs to be managed and structured. The different characteristics of the individual animals – like strain, sex and weight – can have an impact on the experiment and are hence important pieces of information to support the in vivo scientists in the interpretation of their experiments.

The information about the animals – and the entire animal order flow from scientist to animal facility – is often handled and later stored in word order forms, excel or even in emails. The scientists therefore need to merge all the information about the animals they receive from the different tools with the scientific results to factor them into their interpretations.

The grit42 animal support

Having the animal information in the grit42 platform – and hence in the same place as the in vivo data – makes it very easy to link the individual animals in the experiment to the vendor, strain etc in the animal facility system. The scientist therefore do not need to merge or import animal informaiton. If they have the relevant animal id’s in their experiment the data will automatically be linked to the corresponding animal information in the system.

Cool features

  • Licens and quota management
  • Animal ordering with pre-defined (default) parameters
  • Order handling by animal facility
  • Print Cage cards
  • Easy, supported scoring according to EU rules
  • Automatic use report generation


Some extra screen shots showing some of the detailed features hidden under the hood.

Animal overview with a sacrifice window enabling easy scoring and sacrificing of all 20 animals.

Here the filter is activated (Cage number > 4) to enable looking at a subset of the animal records.

Animal overview showing the “Release” functionality whereby the user can release the animals for new/other studies if the experimental conditions etc allows.

Here showing the “Print cage cards” window. The application will create a relevante number of cage cards depending on the defined number of animals per cage. It is also here possible to ask for extra empty cards as back-up.