Manage, analyze, and visualize data across all pre-clinical drug discovery phases

This is what our platform helps you with:
  • Disposes of the infinite copy/paste between spreadsheets and applications
  • Facilitates comparisons of new experiments against older – or historic – data
  • Eliminates exporting to perform analytics and then re-uploading for storage
  • Allows you to perform new analyses on original (raw) data
  • Establishes efficient data flows across the domains

Our take on Research and Lab Informatics

The research and lab software landscape is very diverse and most systems have grown from being dedicated to one area to trying to cover other fields. This rarely results in software that is intuitive and truly supports the actual workflows that are going on.

That’s why we flipped the approach and started by understanding what’s actually going on and then build software to cover that. Like you can see in the figure here, that means we cover different areas – some more than others and the fit varies from implementation to implementation. In addition, we integrate with whatever system you have, to secure efficient data workflows.

If you’d like to know more about our experiment centric approach to designing our platform, just click the button below.

User-friendly design is a core philosophy for grit42

If your software is far from supporting your daily workflows or suffers from a poor interface, then it’s rarely something you look forward to work with. That’s why we have built software that fits to what you’re doing and looks pleasing to the eye, rather than attempting to fit your routines to what the – often outdated – software requires.

Ultimately one of our core philosophies is to create software that supports you in the most ideal way, while being as easy to work with as possible.

If you’d like to test that, please get in touch so you can take it for a spin yourself!

Growth Curve Analysis

As an example of how efficient our anthropological approach is, together with a Top3 pharma customer we have developed a workflow for high-throughput phenotypic microarray analysis, using data from the OmniLog instrument from Biolog. The original workflow used to take around one-and-a-half days, and now it can be done in minutes.

Comparisons of results

For various reasons a control group is often left out of an experiment. The scientists instead compare their newly obtained experimental results with control group data from an earlier experiment – a cross experiment comparison. In many applications this is simply not possible and scientists instead have to export and combine the datasets outside the application, in a spreadsheet or similar.

On the grit42 platform cross experiment comparison is right at your fingertips: You simply import the relevant data from an earlier experiment and plot them together with the new data. Yes, it’s really that easy.

  • In vivo experiment with animals divided in dosing groups – control group not included in every experiment
  • Import the control group from an earlier experi- ment and plot with the dosing groups from the current experiment
  • Plate based growth curve analysis. Plate and curve view per experiment
  • Import plates and curves from earlier experiment and get an overlayed view of the curves for comparison

Displaying plate with heatmap and growth curves  from a single 10 plate Phenotype experiment.

Comparing two different runs of 10 plates. Displaying plate with heatmap and overlayed growth curves.

Example of an in vivo experiment where the results from the different dosing groups are displayed in a box plot. Notice there is no control group (Conc of 0) included.

The same in vivo study as shown on the left but here data from a control group – from a previous experiment – has been imported and plotted with the new data for comparison.

We do the boring things – so you don’t have to!

Focus on important stuff

We do all the boring stuff under the hood, like managing, computing, and analyzing your data, so you can focus on the important stuff: Everything that leads to insights.

An easy path to insights

If you look at the pyramid below, we make it easy for you to focus on the top two levels, where you get the results and insights that drive your research. Leave the tedious tasks to us.

Enabling discoveries

We enable new insights and discoveries by managing your data in a way that allows you to mine data and look for patterns across different datasets.

Features on the grit42 platform

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  • User admin
  • Drag/Drop data upload
  • Lists
  • SAR tables
  • Results request
  • Structure/Compound registration – SD-load and singleton
  • Structure searching – substructure, similarity etc
  • “Browse” – “Find all data on this Compound”
  • Cross-experiment comparison
  • Re-analysis of older raw data
  • API based access to the data