MBRose, specialists in monitoring systems for socially-housed rodents, partners with grit42

Copenhagen, Denmark — December 18, 2018 — Today, grit42 announced the partnership with MBRose, the leading provider of systems for the study of food and water intake of group housed rodents. While MBRose offers real-time data collection, the partnership with grit42 enables elaborate on-the-fly analyses and visualisations. In turn, this allows researchers and technicians to efficiently monitor and evaluate their studies without any delays.

Co-founder and CEO of MBRose, Søren Ellegaard, states, “Our core expertise lies in the development and deployment of our food, water, and liquid intake monitoring systems in home cage solutions for socially-housed mice and rats. Partnering with grit42, enables our customers to further analyse and visualise their data, during and after the experiment, as well as share the data across other systems for more elaborate analyses, if relevant.

CEO at grit42, Claus Stie Kallesøe, adds, “In addition to all the straightforward data integration benefits, all those grit42 customers who use our Animal Handling app get one extra benefit: All the data captured from an experiment, will automatically be linked to the animals in question, complete with full trace- and searchability.

In addition to making all the data collected on MBRose’s systems available on grit42’s platform, joint customers now also have the ability to integrate all their experiment data into an enterprise data setting. For example, via the grit42 platform the data can be integrated in to Oracle-based data warehouse type systems or fed in to environments for more advanced analytics, such as artificial intelligence.

About MBRose

MBRose focuses on complete systems for mice, rats and minipigs, looking to meet new ethical standards allowing multiple animals per cage while individually monitoring their feed intake. The necessary electronic identification of animals combined with an event based data acquisition system, offers new perspectives in improved efficiency solutions as well as eliminating manual registration leading to reduced human errors in the research.

About grit42

Copenhagen-based grit42 focuses on integrating digital laboratory infrastructure with user-friendly day-to-day lab workflows, as well as handling compound and sample logistics, in order to ensure structured quality data across all the different pre-clinical drug discovery phases.