Contera Pharma selects grit42 for scientific data management

Copenhagen, Denmark — December 14, 2021 — Today grit42 announces that its platform for scientific data management and analysis, has been selected by Contera Pharma, a biotech company developing innovative therapies to treat neurological disorders.

Søren Rasmussen, Director Neuroscience Discovery & Projects, from Contera Pharma, states, “Rather than using multiple tools and having data in multiple locations, we’ve selected grit42 to keep track of all our validated data, including a full history. In addition to keeping track of all our complex data, grit42 also offers analyses including the ability to create instant SAR tables across current and historic experiments. As our research in Nucleic acid-based medicine involves data generation from biological and in silico experiments, both from several different sources, it is of utmost importance that our data consolidation process is streamlined and that the stored data is easily accessible, which is what we get with grit42.

Nucleic acid-based medicine (NABM), also known as RNA therapeutics, is a rapidly developing field that has the potential for transforming healthcare as we know it. Innovations in NABM are making treatments available to people with previously untreatable rare diseases, such as rare neurological disorders. According to recent research in European Journal of Human Genetics, there are more than 6.000 rare diseases affecting more than 300 million people world-wide. Today, only 450 FDA-approved orphan drug products are available, which leaves hundreds of millions suffering from chronic diseases and at risk of early death.

Claus Stie Kallesøe, CEO at grit42, adds, “We’re seeing more and more biotechs who either rely completely on Contract Research Organisations, or a hybrid model with some in-house labs. This increases the need to ensure that all the data – no matter where it is coming from – is labeled and registered in a coherent and FAIR fashion, enabling comparisons and analyses across the multiple data delivery partners and experiments. We’re very happy that Contera Pharma has selected grit42 for this role!

FAIR data are data which meet principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. The acronym and principles were defined in a March 2016 paper in the journal Scientific Data by a consortium of scientists and organizations.

About Contera
Contera Pharma is focused on developing new treatments for people suffering from neurological disorders. Contera Pharma’s science is based on a precision medicine approach integrating external and internal data sources to support rational selection of human disease-validated drug discovery targets to identify novel pipeline opportunities within neurological disorders. The company’s lead asset, JM-010, is currently in Phase IIb clinical testing for Parkinson’s disease dyskinesia. Contera Pharma is currently expanding research activities within RNA therapeutics.

Contera Pharma was founded in 2010 and has offices in Hørsholm, Denmark and Seoul, South-Korea.

About grit42
Copenhagen-based grit42 focuses on integrating digital laboratory infrastructure with user-friendly day-to-day lab workflows, as well as handling compound and sample logistics, in order to ensure structured quality data across all the different pre-clinical drug discovery phases.

The specialists behind grit42 have more than 20 years of experience in solving complex data-focused problems in and around pre-clinical drug discovery for a variety of customers, including Novozymes, Sanofi, Lundbeck Pharma, Roche, LEO Pharma, the Gates Foundation, Ferring Pharma, as well as multiple EU-backed projects within Anti-Microbial Resistance.