Usecases from across the globe

After establishing grit42 in 2014, we’ve worked continually on various projects and solving headaches for our customers in and around pre-clinical drug discovery around the world.

We’ve seen most problems and figured out how to solve them, so whether you need a domain expert to run your next data-focused project, hands-on coding, integrations, or the like – we can be the experts for the job.

Below, you can read the descriptions of some of the different types of projects we have been and are working on.

End-to-End solution across pharma drug discovery disciplines

For one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Denmark, we have an ongoing multi-year project to implement End-to-End support of the workflows, data collection and storage, as well as day-to-day analyses along the entire drug discovery value chain.

That means we’re integrating and FAIR-ifiying all kinds of data, ranging from compounds and plate management, over plate based screening, functional assays, in vitro DMPK to in vivo study design, in life study execution with dosing, sampling, etc – and tracking of the samples and reporting the results back to the relevant animal when the biospecimen are sent for analysis.

While adding one research area after the next to this End-to-End solution, our clients additionally keep adding new equipment, workflows, and instruments that they would like to include in this overall project.

Some of the benefits for our customer include increasing the overall research output or reducing labour costs, increasing the quality due to standardisation and automation, as well as aligning all the cross-discipline data for future projects using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A virtual laboratory
CRO supported drug discovery

For one of the largest charitable foundations in the world, we’ve created a streamlined data management and analysis setup, handling a multitude of different types of data, coming from multiple Contract Research Organisations (CROs).

The data on the compounds – in this case antibodies – are received from several suppliers and uploaded into the grit42 platform including their respective origin and an origin compound ID.

Once the individual assays datasets are received from several different partners – both academic labs and CROs in this case – they are registered, cleaned, FAIRified, and set up on the platform. These types of assays range from simple in vitro screening assays, over more complex functional assays, to DMPK and in vivo mouse studies.

SAR tables are created to analyse the data and compare the pharmacological profiles across the assay data and make informed progression decisions. The SAR tables from grit42’s platform also have the ability to plot assay versus assay in order to compare and analyse correlations across the different datasets.

In other words, grit42’s platform ensures that all the data – no matter where it’s coming from – is labeled and registered in a coherent and FAIR fashion, enabling comparisons and analyses across the multiple data delivery partners.

Digital transformation projects across the drug discovery value chain for a top 5 pharma

At grit42 we regularly deliver consulting services for the biggest pharma companies in the world. In this example, we’re part of several global digitisation projects focusing on workflow and process optimizations across the drug discovery value chain. In addition, the projects also included working with different modalities as well as data FAIRification to enable structured data storage and cross analysis using both Artificial Intelligence and graph data analytics.

The grit42 consultant covered a dual purpose role as project member in the global project groups as well as representing the scientific user base at one of the sites. 

One critical key to the success in this role, was leveraging over 20 years of experience in both biopharma drug discovery, software development, and driving global projects forward.