Introduction to grit42’s platform and apps

The grit42 platform is developed for data management, analysis, and visualization within pre-clinical drug discovery. From basic idea, to in vitro and in vivo experiments – while monitoring your compounds, data, and results – our platform keeps track of everything. This enables you to focus on the results, visualizations, and ultimately – the insights.

As a foundation, we have a grit42 platform which offers a lot of features – check them out here. On top of the platform, we offer multiple apps – get the introduction to those below here.

If software is hard to work with, how truly useful is it?

We think software must be user-friendly, intuitive and fit the workflows to become successful. So we made it our mission to exactly understand the work that you do. We have done this continually through 15 years of anthropological observations in labs focused on pre-clinical drug discovery.

Our observations enable workflows to be reduced from days to minutes – all while being user-friendly, intuitive, and supporting what you’re already doing. We call it scientific software for humans.

In vitro, in vivo, ex vivo, ADME – we’ve got you covered with our Experiment App

What’s the problem?

Many data management tools lack good support for the actual workflows going on in the labs. It’s common practice to analyze the data in external applications, such as Excel, and only upload the final results to the data management platform. This makes it very hard to re-analyze and compare old and new experiments.

Our Experiment App supports working with
  • In vitro standard plate based experiments
  • In vitro plate based ADME, safety and other non-standard experiments
  • Different types of in vivo experiments with animals in dosing groups
  • Clinical research data from anonymised patients

An app for management, logistics and preparation of compounds and plates

Drug discovery

Underpinning the entire pre-clinical drug discovery research process is the management, logistics and preparation of the vials and plates with compound needed in most of the experiments. In addition to keeping track of all the logistics, we also offer an ordering feature where you can order solid/liquid compounds from those responsible for compound management.

The Logistics App is currently in development.

Features include
  • Stock room management – setup stockroom hier- archies, lookup, picklists etc
  • Order handling – overview of incoming orders, status on orders, QC check via barcodes on vials/plates
  • Link to balances and liquid handlers – register all movements and keep track of remaining quantities, etc
  • Keep track of mother/daughter relationships – also from solid->liquid
  • Plate registration and management – full trans- parency of what compound/batch is in what well of what plate (barcodes)

Experiment centric approach

The grit42 platform

The grit42 platform is not only a drug discovery or drug hunter tool – it’s an experimental data platform. In other words, the platform is data agnostic and not centered around a compound or a sample, but rather the platform is centered around an experiment. This approach enables you to store and combine information from classical in vitro and in vivo experiments with observational studies, as well as clinical data in the same platform.

5 easy steps in our experiment workflow
  1. Prepare: Create experiment and order compounds and animals.
  2. Run: Collecting data from the experiment
  3. Upload: Import your data to the grit42 platform and check the quality
  4. Analyze: Run analyses, tweak, and run again if necessary
  5. Finalize: Conclude and publish

For identification of phenotypes of mutants, we use the high-throughput phenotypic microarrays from OmniLog®. The Growth Curves app from grit42 offers a nice and interactive way to analyse this data as well as making our analysis workflow 15 times faster!.

Bacterial Infections Group Head at EVOTEC, Dr. Michael Mourez, PhD.